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Professional video productions

TDA Productions was brought to life to allow our students to continue to perform throughout the pandemic. It is our newest venture, set to see TDA soar to new performing heights.

Video is a very versatile medium which will allow us to push the boundaries of our imagination and skill. Projects will be undertaken all year round in our 'performance classes', with productions being prepared, perfected and filmed in several different settings, including the classes themselves, the studio and on location.

We pride ourselves on our community spirit; it's what makes TDA a fulfilling and unique learning experience. In our quest for unity and family we discovered our passion for performance, which has grown into the single most identifiable aspect of TDA. This new venture will broaden our horizons and allow us to continue our journey towards that 'ultimate performance'.


All classes across every genre will be given the opportunity to perform with our production company over the academic year.


Once theatres re-open we will return to the stage, however, TDA Productions is here to stay and will continue to provide our students with a constant supply of performance opportunities.

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Creative Director/Choreography

Ruth Cintra



Natalie Cintra


Photography, Videography & Editor

Amy Miller - ALM Creative

TDA Productions
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