For students aged 5 years+

Our musical theatre classes epitomise what we're all about at TDA - fun, performance and energy!

Each class involves fun games to improve our acting, singing and dancing. Through these games we build confidence, teamwork and skills. We also spend a portion of time in each class working on dances/pieces from various musicals all year round.




For students aged 10 - 18 years old

We start with warm ups and games to prepare for singing and dancing while simultaneously improving team building and communication skills.

Each year a selection of musicals are carefully chosen, which will give students the opportunity to train on each individual element needed for Musical Theatre - singing, dancing and acting. Students also prepare & perfect segments of production, allowing them to develop the unique skill needed to tell a story through song and dance.

Our final pieces will be performed both onstage and on video with the creation of TDA Productions, which gives the students' a larger number of opportunities to perform.



For students with musical theatre experience

Stage+ is TDA's 'top-level' stage class that offers Musical Theatre training for our experienced students.

We push them onwards and upwards, working on professional projects that offer depth and breath to their knowledge and new challenges.


We often have guest teachers that bring original West End choreography.