Acro & lyrical

For students aged 6 - 18 years old

Acro & Lyrical Is the newest discipline to be introduced to our timetable, and makes a great addition to our repertoire of classes.

A very popular 'up and coming' genre that combines the grace and fluidity of Ballet with the skill and strength needed for gymnastics.

We offer 2 Acro & Lyrical classes a week.

Our gym coach - Tina - works one on one with the students to ensure good technique, build confidence and encourage each individual to progress with their own personal goals.

We look forward to having Tina back in the studio as soon as social distancing rules are relaxed.

Acro & lyrical plus

(fast track programme)

For students aged 6 - 18 years old

Acro & Lyrical Plus is one of TDA's 'Fast Track' programmes to help students progress quicker with this challenging discipline.

This package offers 5 classes a week, including:

  • Ballet

  • Pre-Pointe Work

  • Commercial

  • 2 Acro & Lyrical classes


This is ideal for a dedicated student that wishes to grow and progress.