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For students aged 8 years+

Available in:

By joining this programme your child will have access to all classes at any level in their chosen genre. They will gain more flexibility, strength, stamina and skills; all while building confidence and meeting new people.

By attending multiple classes each week (in levels above and below your child’s standard) you will see your child improve, progress & excel at a quicker rate than just taking their normal class.


Miss Ruth will take you through class choices and options upon joining our programme.


Membership involves a one-off payment of £25 (on top of normal class fees).


Acro & lyrical plus

(fast track programme)

For students aged 6 - 18 years old

Acro & Lyrical Plus is one of TDA's 'Fast Track' programmes to help students progress quicker with this challenging discipline.

This package offers 5 classes a week, including:


This is ideal for a dedicated student that wishes to grow and progress.

Company Workshop


(ADVANCEMENT programme)

By invitation only

The Company Workshop programme is by invitation only.


This for students that show great promise in performance, commitment and dedication. They are invited to attend exclusive Company workshops primarily to work on routines for TDA Onstage or TDA Productions.

This is to help students work towards an invite to join The Company full time, and will encourage them to build confidence and additional skills.

Add-on classes

Add-on classes

These set of classes are recommended to students that have gained a good standard of technique, and already take part in the core discipline of that class.

They give the student the time and freedom to explore (in depth) their chosen genre and the art of performance. It also builds confidence and extra skills as well as giving the opportunity to be a more rounded performer.

Add-on classes that are available are:

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