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For students aged 4½ - 18 years old

A truly magical discipline that takes careful training and dedication to master. A very rewarding genre that will take students from a very young age to adulthood.

At TDA we offer specialised classes for our younger students, that offers the in-depth training needed in a fun and nurturing environment through games and 'make-believe'.

As students progress through the grades we keep the technique honed while building a thorough understanding of the language and artistry.

A very special discipline!

Ballet Theatre

Ballet theatre

(add-on class)


For students aged 6 years+ who take a Ballet class

As our students develop their core ballet technique, they are given the opportunity to join our Ballet Theatre class, where students enhance their performance skills and learn additional ballet tricks.

As a performance class, we learn routines, dances and set pieces all year round and are involved in TDA Production projects.

Read more about 'add-on classes'.


Pointe work

Pre-pointe work

For students aged 9 years+ who take a Ballet class

This is a preparatory class for pointe work, that involves strengthening and technical exercises that gives all our students a smooth and successful transition to the challenging technique of pointe work.


It is combined with our pointe work class on the timetable, providing new students an insight into starting work on pointe shoes.

pointe work
For students aged 11 years+ who take a Ballet class and has strong Ballet technique

Pointe work is started slowly and with care and is combined with the pre-pointe work class to ensure a good level of strength and technique.

As students gain confidence, we progress to learning classical pointe work set pieces that all young dancers aspire to.


Students, upon reaching this level, really begin to appreciate the joy of their chosen discipline.

As a theatre school, we're always looking to test the boundaries of dance and style by creating our own standalone pieces.

Pre-Pointe Work
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