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Hi everyone 😃

Hope you're all enjoying our shiny new app 😍

We really need some feedback from you guys.

If you could answer the questions below we'd be really grateful 🥰🤗

1. Did you find it easy to install the app?

2. Do you find it easy to use?

3. Have you experienced any glitches / errors / problems? If yes what were they?

4. What other things would you like to see on the app.

5. Any suggestions on how the app could be improved?

6. Is there anything else you'd like to say about the app?

If you could get this back to me by tomorrow that would be great👍

Literally just put the number of the question and your answer 😃👍

Thanks everybody xxx

Much appreciated 💕

Ellie Roberts
Natalie De Arez Cintra

@Robynne vincent thank you 💕



Welcome to ‘All TDA’! Miss Ruth will send updates, message...
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