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Live theatre performances

After opening TDA in 1998, it quickly became very clear that shows & performance are the life blood of all dance schools. It’s what the parents & students enjoy the most, that sense of fulfilment, expression and pride.


It develops a strong community spirit, a joy of dance and provides a goal for the end of each year.


It’s been our continuing goal over the years to ensure each show, production and dance gives the best performance we can produce. By not only focusing on the performers, but also the lights, staging and costumes, we aim to give an immersive experience to our audiences.


So far, we feel that we have achieved this goal. We’ve taken the humble and stereotypical 'dance school show' and elevated it with every passing year to new heights.


Community spirit has always, and continues to be our main objective. However, we feel that at TDA, our passion for performance and for producing spell-binding shows has developed and strengthened enormously over the years.


We’ve honed our Musical Theatre courses, introduced 'performance classes' across the board and pushed our students increasingly upwards to the next level.


Now, with the introduction of TDA Productions, we are seeing TDA take the next step on our quest for that 'ultimate performance'. This will open the door to new horizons and opportunities, allowing us to explore a new genre of expression.


We are excited to take live performance onto video & film and push the limits of our imagination.

TDA Onstage - Portfolio Page.png

Stage TEAm


Creative Director/Choreography

Ruth Cintra


Stage Manager

Alicia Walker - Staged Wright



Craig Howard - Stage Dynamics



RKHD - RKHD Lighting


Photography & Graphics

Amy Miller - ALM Creative

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