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'In studio' classes

These are our typical classes that we run in our studios on a weekly basis. We pride ourselves on offering a huge selection of classes across many genres and age groups, with options to join 'add-on classes' and fast track programmes for those students who want to push themselves.

We actively look to arrange guest teachers to come in and run workshops each term, to give students experience with successful people in the industry and broaden their horizons.

Our classes are structured between two ways of learning:

  • TDA Syllabus

- Solo set pieces

- Class routines

- Group dances

- Tricks (inc pirouettes, leaps, kicks, leg holds, floor work)

- Strengthening

- Stretching

  • ISTD Syllabus

- Graded classes​

- Examinations (higher levels equal to GCSE & A-Level grades)

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